Sarah Peroutka
First Friday Show
2 October 2015

Although I have experience with many kinds of artistic self-expression, nothing is as immediate or gratifying as working with soft pastels. Their intoxicating colors and silky-smooth feel make them a sensual delight. Applied by hand with no brush to get in the way, pastels are made of pure pigment that catches and refracts light. I take my inspiration from nature and the world around me and am passionate about painting en plein air. Art allows me to experience and express my deepest values: curiosity, observation, critical thinking, mental clarity, and gratitude for my life in this beautiful world. The drive to create comes from the core of my being, so when I'm engaged in creative endeavors I feel authentic and fulfilled as a human being.  I actively and consciously strive to be fully present in each moment, looking at the world with fresh eyes and no assumptions, finding connections, novelty, beauty, and mystery.

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