Jessica Lawson

First Friday

3 November 2017

6P - 9P

Subterranea represents the discovery of and subsequent journey into my subconscious mind. What I have discovered is a world infinite and timeless, rich with treasure and darkness. A place where the dead guide the living and consciousness becomes collective. The images depicted represent the landscapes I've traversed and the mythology I've encountered along the way, sometimes appearing in dreams, often surfacing in visions. Subterranea is my attempt thus far to integrate my subconscious and conscious mind. It is the manifestation of the discourse among my archetypes as I am now the manifestation of the union between my Ego and Soul. The completion of this body of work marks the birth of my Self.






"All is Vanity"

Jessie Lawson

First Friday

2 November 2018

6P - 10P

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