(a one man show)


First Friday

3 AUGUST 2018

6P - 9P

Groshong is a formally trained photographer and artist who finds beauty in the decay and layering of the human mark within urban and natural surroundings. After an extended hiatus from taking pictures and printing photographs, he is once again enjoying the process of creating visual art. He decided to start where he last left off, which was making compositions consisting imagery from his immediate and primarily urban surroundings. Groshong has been capturing little bits of beauty that he enjoys every day, and making visual representations of those elements through compositions. He then prints on aluminum for an unusual and dramatic effect. Groshong's imagery portrays his visual attraction towards street art, graffiti, architecture, nature, and random specific elements that make up the infrastructure of a city. His work ranges from focusing on a small specific slice of the landscape, to others which capture the intersection of many. Groshong finds contentment in the process. He has refreshed his technical skills in a familiar starting place, and retains his standard of edgy contemporary aesthetics while exploring an expanded range of subjects adding to the experience and drama of his final product.

The show will be composed primarily of new pieces. However, there will be a few older pieces to help provide some context. All new work is printed on float mounted aluminum. Some photographs are transferred to a white base for a more traditional appearance. Others are printed directly on the metal base for a more holographic effect. 


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